Our Instructors

Cindy Rice

Cindy Rice, RS, CPFS, MSPH, CEHT is a Certified ServSafe® instructor with a BS in Biology from Bates College, and a Master's of Science Degree in Public Health from University of Massachusetts. An epidemiologist and researcher with numerous journal publications, she is also a Registered Sanitarian, NSF Certified HACCP Manager, Certified Professional in Food Safety, and NEHA Certified Environmental Health Technician.

For over 10 years, Cindy successfully owned and operated her own catering business, corporate cafes, and a brownie manufacturing company (International Brownie), before dedicating herself back to Public Health and food safety education in 2002, when she founded Eastern Food Safety.

Cindy is a food safety consultant for Ecolab/Food Safety Specialties and writes for their national publication Food Safety Solutions, as well as for other food industry trade publications and parents' papers. She has authored and published a number of books and training materials, including "Pocket Guide to Food Safety: 25 tips for food workers," "Don't Pick off the Croutons- a foodservice guide to allergens," "PIC Manual- What every person in charge needs to know," and "Green Apple Tales", a series of children's books with food safety lessons depicted in each book, based on USDA and FDA guidelines. Through Eastern Food Safety, Cindy has produced a series of ONLINE videos for the foodservice industry, and also speaks nationally on topics of food safety and safe and healthy eating to both professional organizations and consumer groups.

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Richard Andrea

Richard Andrea is an Executive Chef and Culinary Educator, who has worked extensively in the restaurant industry and taught Culinary Arts for 22 years. A 1980 graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, he has competed in international culinary competitions as far away as Switzerland and Germany, and has successfully brought many of his culinary students to compete nationally and internationally as well.

His extensive restaurant operations and culinary experience enhance his abilities as a Certified ServSafe instructor, HACCP Manager, and food industry consultant. Through practical demonstrations of food safety principles, he is able to educate foodhandlers and reinforce food safety practices in a most effective way. As the esteemed Industry member of the Eastern Food Safety team, Chef Andrea conducts restaurant audits and trainings for retail food operations and manufacturers.



Lani Taormina

Lani Taormina, MA is the newest member of Eastern Food Safety, and is a certified ServSafe Food Manager Instructor. After several years in the food industry working within restaurants, business cafes, catering businesses, and a brownie manufacturing company, Lani went on to receive her Masters degree in Health Communication. She currently manages the communications for Eastern Food Safety. Lani's communication skills have allowed her to be successful at presenting ServSafe information in a way that's fun, clear, and easy to understand.