Monthly Archives: March 2015

Limits on Reheating Foods

Q:  I always thought that after a food was reheated, it must be thrown out after service.  Can TCS foods be prepared, cooled, reheated, and served repeatedly as long as they are held hot and cooled down properly?

A:  Yes.  FDA regulations do not prohibit reheating more than one time. It is sometimes industry that prevents this practice, more for quality reasons, (food dries out, taste or appearance may be compromised) but from a food safety point of view, it is safe as long as the cooling, reheating and storage is done properly according to FDA Food Code guidelines or regulations in your jurisdiction.

Freezing foods

Q: Does freezing kill bacteria in foods?

A. No, freezing foods only makes the bacteria in them hibernate, or basically go to sleep. They will not die, but they will not grow as long as they are frozen. Once you take them out of the refrigerator, though, and start to defrost the foods, the bacteria wake up and start growing again. As long the foods are frozen, bacteria will not grow, but do not die either.